Things You Must Know Before Trying Laptop Screen Replacement

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Many online marketers are travelers. They travel a lot and take work with them. Their office is where they set up their laptops. Laptops are their home office. What if your laptop broke while you are on the other side of the world?

Maybe you need laptop screen replacement service. This is what this article is about.

Computer Repair

Before you decide for laptop screen replacement, you have to answer this question. Are you really taking care of your computer? If not, do some maintenance first.

Clean the Hard Drive

At least once a month, go over the files on your unit. As you go over, determine which one needs to be backed up or which files can be put to trash. You can back up your files to an external drive. Uninstall the unnecessarily downloaded programs. Doing this makes your hard drive run smoothly.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting means rearranging your data allowing it to be work efficiently. If you religiously defray your computer you will experience fewer software crashes or freezing.

Keep Your Laptop Clean Always

Physically clean your laptop regularly. Cleaning them prevents from overheating and avoids those dust from building up in your system.

Back-Up Fully

Do back up regularly to prevent loss of data. You may choose either choose different options from a variety of software and hardware.

Anti-Virus Software Updates

You should keep anti-virus software updated always. Allot some time once a month to install updates.

Laptop Screen Replacement

When you broke your laptop and the display doesn’t show anything, you immediately opt for laptop screen replacement. However, there are ways to make your laptop useful:

Add an External Monitor

It is a quick fix and saves you time. Doing this allows you to test whether the rest of the laptop is working fine.

Repair the Broken Screen

In removing the broken laptop screen be careful. Do your best not to break anything. If you follow some steps from a tutorial be sure to be able to put it back. Write notes on what you did.

Before removing the screen, find a laptop screen replacement. Look for the model at the back of the broken screen. Use it for buying the spare part.

Replace Your Laptop Screen

Follow these steps:

  1. Investigate if you require a new screen first. If you dropped your laptop or dropped something on it, then it’s easy to test if it still works. Attach another monitor and test it. If it doesn’t work or some lines or solid colors are found on the screen then probably the issue is with the motherboard or video circuit.
  2. Find and remove the bezel screws. Before removing the screws, remove the battery first and disconnect from the power.
  3. Remove the bezel. Work your fingers between the bezel and the screen and slowly pull the bezel. Again you need to document everything so you will be sure what you did first.
  4. Find for the exact same model to replace the screen. The model is found at the back showing the manufacturers part number.
  5. Replace the broken screen. Disconnect all the cables connected to your laptop. Browse over your notes then reverse the process.
  6. Power up. Reinstall the battery and test it out.


If your laptop screen has some issues you can remove it on your own and reinstall back the replacement. However, if you are unsure, call a professional for your laptop screen replacement service.