Why You Need Page Speed Optimization Service for Your Website

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Loading time of your website is an important ranking factor according to Google. The faster a website loads, the better. Numerous studies show that people are impatient with slow internet sites. If yours is slow, then you will lose business.

Hiring experts for page speed optimization services are crucial for your business. You will gain more leads which eventually turn into paying clients.

Page Speed Optimization Service

Here are some problems most notice with website speed: your site is not running as fast as you think it should; you’re tired of fighting with page speed plugins; your site breaks every time you turn on different settings; you waste hours trying to make things run faster.

What Is the Typical Page Speed Optimization Service Offered?

They will perform an expert analysis of your website. After expert evaluation and analysis, they will give recommendations to fix the performance issues.

Service providers will optimize your images and plugins and make your site faster. The results will lead to a faster website; before and after result reports; and recommendations for improvement of your particular host, theme, and plugin combination. They will tell you which testing tool recommendations you need to ignore and what matters for search engine optimization and especially to your users. There are some of them who are working freelance or even full time online.

What Are the Typical Reasons Why Your Website Speed Is Slow?

Do you know that there are “behind the scenes” activities when you click on a site? If your website is slow, it could cost you thousands of visitors and conversions. You will lose business, so always look for people who offer page speed optimization services.

What are the typical reasons why the loading speed is slow:

1. Server Performance Is Poor

Slow servers give you a slow start. Don’t go for a cheap server, look for something which performs well. Cheap hosts usually give you shared servers which mean yours are sharing space with hundreds of other websites.

2. Server Location

If your position is far from the server, then that’s one good reason why it loads slowly.

3. Your Images Are Not Optimized

Big and heavy images take longer to load. Use a file format with jpg, png and gif images.

4. Code Density

If your back end is clogged up with elements, then it slows down a website. If there’s a lot of coding done that’s one good reason why it loads slowly.

5. Some Plugins

If you’re running a WordPress website with too many plugins then it’s time to study which ones are necessary and deactivate the rest.

6. Unnecessary Redirects

Avoid redirects to your site unless it’s reasonable.

7. Text Graphics

Text graphics also causes slow down. Many sites still use images to display text. You may have image text, or you are using images for your logo.

8. Too Much Traffic

When your website has a lot of traffic, it causes a slowdown. Imagine people wanting to get inside your shop in the morning. There will be a lot of queuing.

Final Words

If your website is giving you loading problems always ask for experts, who offer on page speed optimization service.