The Standard Labor Rates for Auto Repairs

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No one is excused from this issue. We all have to face this problem if you own a car or someone in your family drives one. I’m talking about maintenance and repairs for your four-wheeled pet. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of it or how good it smells on the inside or if you only go to the most expensive car wash out there.

 take your car to a repair shop

Labor Rates

When you notice that the car is not working optimally, or even if you just notice a small creaking in the section under the hood, have it checked as soon as possible, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. This could mean the difference between a $150 repair or a $1,500 part replacement.

The great thing about this is that there are laws to protect you from spending too much for a simple repair. For example, once you take your car to a repair shop and they have done their homework and checked what needs to be done, you and the shop will agree on a maximum fee that you will pay for the total repairs done. No more surprise charges or hidden fees. In fact, in that consumer protection act, a shop that does that can be severely fined or even be shut down.

Mechanical Repairs

Here are the most common mechanical repairs done to vehicles:
Brake Pads – If you’re driving to work one day and you notice a sound that’s similar to metal rubbing against metal, particularly while driving slowly, there a big chance you have damaged brake pads. Replacing the brake pads is very important to do early in this issue because if prolonged, this might even result in damaged brake rotors which will cost more because then you’ll to replace the whole assembly. Repair Estimate: $130 to $270 (including parts)

Head Gasket – Now let me warn you, this one could get crazy in terms of price. Head gasket damages are usually the result of overheat on the engine. However, if the car is already more than five years old or has accumulated lots of mileage, this can be a critical factor too. Head gasket repairs cost a lot more because of the labor-intensive work that needs to be done. At least 90% of the fee is towards labor. Repair Estimate: $1317 to $2524 (including parts)

Regular Checkups

Car shops offer great deals when it comes to regular maintenance checkups. In fact, most checkups don’t even last an hour and will cost usually around $100 or less, depending on the exhaustiveness of the checkup you want.

Plus, most shops offer at least a 12-month warranty with some even reaching 36 months if you’re really astute in your research. You can even choose to ask the shop to remind you if the regular maintenance is coming up soon. This is all entirely up to you.

shops offer at least a 12-month warranty

Research Well

Remember, you don’t have to worry about spending too much because you are protected by the consumer act policy. Nevertheless, you need to be smart. Always research yourself before agreeing to the shop’s maximum “estimate” and maybe even have a written estimate from them. Try instamek mechanics services and see what they offer.
Find a company that is honest and dependable. Discover one that is certified and it would also be best for you if they have master mechanics at their disposal.